Customized Jeans – a how-to guide

Customization – is it over-the-top?

In the past few years, denim has evolved and endured new changes. Ranging from boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, frayed and distressed, to patches and fringes, denim has new customized forms and styles every season.

On July 13th, eight Urban Outfitter stores across North America hosted a BDG Denim Fall 2017 Launch Party. At the event, customers that purchased anything from the new BDG denim line, were eligible for free customized embroideries and designs. These designs ranged from stamps, paints, fringes, and much more.

In the Herald Square location, two seamstresses sewed designs and patches on the new denim. Customers that bought an item, watched the girls work as their new personalized denim came to life. On the other hand, intrigued onlookers observed the two seamstresses and took photos to capture the moment.

So what are the popular customized designs?

Cherries, flowers, and names, oh my! Cherries and flowers were popular designs requested to be sewn on the denim. As it is summer, the two designs complement each other and with their bright colors, really stand out.

Additionally, personal names and initials were also a popular request. Who doesn’t love having their name on customized products?

Lastly, quite a number of customers requested for the letters and name “NYC” and “New York” to be sewn on their denim. As the store was in New York, there was no surprise that many wanted the city’s name and initials on the denim.

How can I customize my jeans at home?

Fringes with poms poms has been a popular DIY nowadays.

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To get the distressed look on your pair of jeans, you can rub a piece of sandpaper on them.

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Perhaps the simplest and easiest DIY look is to stamp on designs.

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Feeling creative? You can also paint your jeans.

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