Don’t turn Halloween into a fashion horror night!

Work, work and Halloween is here…

It’s a week before Halloween and your girl calls you and invites you out to her coworker’s Halloween party. What do you do? You don’t want to seem like a lame and let your friend down again but you already know the kind of week you are going to have. For starters the kids all have games this week, they all need treats for class parties, you have to pick up the baby’s costume from your parents and to put the cherry on top you still have to work your 10-6 work week!! The life of a working mother huh? So it’s clear that you don’t have the time to shop for an outfit and you don’t have enough time to order anything. But you don’t have to give up there because mom or not you deserve to let your hair down!

Now just because you are attending a themed party doesn’t always mean you can’t put together something that’s already in your closet, you will surprise yourself with things you didn’t even realize you have.

When in doubt, wear black!

To start, the #1 rule the stylist at Rubberband Stretch live by is “when in doubt wear black”. There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong if you dress up your black clothes when you’re under pressure. This is actually perfect for the occasion because it is an adult party and you do want to make an effortless statement. So ladies go into your closets and take out all your black pieces.

(Shown here with the Coated Black Leather Effects Stretchy Jeans)

Look 1: The little black dress. You can pair this with a statement necklace, black knee-high boots, a red lip with glitter eyes and your favorite set of bunny ears from party city.

Look 2: The black blazer. You can pair this with a clear crisp white button down, slim cut slacks, pointed toe stiletto heels, glitter cat eye with a red lip and any festive cat ears you find.

Look 3: The bustier. Every girl owes it to herself to have a black sexy bustier in her closet. If you do this can be paired with black skinny jeans, any fur or leather jacket, pointed stilettos, a neat slick back bun, nude lip and smoky eye.

Ladies do not let your schedules control your ability to be flawless, life is to short so use what you have and have a Happy Halloween!


Rubberband Stretch